The idea that we should all aim to live a life that is linearly smooth is to say the least, a SKEWED view of reality’s impositions. A straight line might be the easiest and most convenient way to travel point A (birth) to point B (death) but reality, thank God, interjects that straight line projection with angular interferences, what I would call the tangential sine and cosine of our trigonometric lives.

Easiest and convenient sound so enticing, but then again shouldn’t it be more interesting and enthralling if, we get waylaid ever so often by haunting tasks that jump out of nowhere that make us hurdle, hustle, stumble, crumble, then grapple to pick up the pieces of shattered emotions, dreams and schemes.

Life should never be so daunting that we become frozen in time, not knowing what the next step to take after picking up those shattered pieces. God showered us with the grace of creativity, so that we could move, side-ways, up-ways, down-ways, but ultimately move forward to look for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that is barely touching the horizon of our existence. And what might that pot of gold be? The supreme knowledge that we did not lose our souls along the way.IMG_0908


I Love Math

Physics takes a back seat to mathematics when it comes to understanding the intricacies of a non-random universe. Granted that physics deal with the sub-atomic and atomic structures on its own; however it is mathematics that explains how those structures formulate.

Is there a physical reality outside of human existence? Absolutely, but only in mathematical terms, however/whenever/wherever our minds may interpret those mathematical formulations abstractly. The ultimate reality is that the universe isn’t just described by math but that reality is math, in the sense that we are all parts of an almost infinite mathematical object.

The universe as a mathematical object. Interesting. The theory is, the universe started with a bang, a BIG one. According to naturalists, it did not necessarily have an intelligence behind it. My question is, how could a process that led to an unbelievably huge mathematical construct not have intelligence behind it? Mathematics is the language of the universe, and what is language but the insightful expression of intent and purpose, thus intelligence.IMG_0745


The assignation that you are one lucky, or unlucky, bastard comes from the assailable notion that you, to the extent that other operative forces allow you no time and space for action, or inaction, do  not have complete control over your life. In turn, this notion proceeds from the idea that Einstein himself once propounded when he said (paraphrasing): God does not play dice with the universe.

I will agree with what he is proposing if he applies it solely to the function of the known and (yet) unknown physical forces that rule the wider universe. I believe that one can not truly apply this “divine intervention theory” even in its strictest form to the human mind. Free will as it exist purposely in the realm of human interaction, can only be free, if the human brain that assuage its manifestation is not subjected to structural and functional anomalies that can wreak havoc on how it ultimately expresses free will.