Draining the swamp

It could be argued that the swamp of Washingtonian politics got deeper and murkier during Obama’s 8 years in office. Corruption from the lowest up to the highest level of government during those 8 years continues to be uncovered, not by the main stream media, but by independent investigators who have collected and constructed a lot of data that supports the idea that at its most vapid, Obama’s adulators in all areas of the bureaucracy were involved in all sorts of nefarious activities.

If Trump is really serious about draining the swamp he should pursue, full steam ahead, to unmask these folks then make them be subjected to the fullest extent of the law. Only then would we feel secure that indeed the swamp has been made shallower and clearer.

Meanwhile the main stream media’s fixation on Russia collusion and Stormy Daniels remains unabated. Which is such a contrast during Obama’s tenure at which time the “fourth estate” became a statist functionary.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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