The Hillary Conundrum

The question now for Hillary is , should she continue playing the blame game for her loss in the presidential election or should she go on with what is left of her dignity and just march into the sunset of her life trying to recover some of what she lost all throughout her multilayered career as wife, First Lady, senator and state secretary.

It has become very obvious that continuing the current path could only increase the self-pity involved in that crying game. Self-pity, as we all know could only lead to degradation to the point of self- immolation. I’ve seen flickers of that while watching her on television point her fingers at all sorts of people the last ones being the socialists who did not vote for her because “she is a capitalist.”

If only it was just a matter of winning the popular vote, she would be president by now…. that may not be the best that could happen to the country. The swamp could only get deeper and murkier with the Clinton’s in control of the bureaucracy.2015-10-05 13.19.12

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