Nothing at all!

If we ask this solitary half- empty can of diet coke what it thinks about the view in front of it….it would certainly say, ” nothing at al.” A black widow spider comes out of its lair and goes inside the can, sips a few drops and says: “I don’t have to diet so what the heck did someone leave this in here,” then goes back to its sticky web to try catch a wayward fly. A monkey scampers down fron a nearby tree and mumbles: “I’ve seen that scene inummerable times and it doesn’t interest me anymore,” takes a quick drink and goes back to the tree branch to take a nap.

Suddenly a tourist comes running towards the can and picks it up, but decided to put it back down and takes a photo of the view with his cell phone, thinking “what a beautiful view… maybe I could send this photo to CocaCola so they could use it for one of their ads.

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