I Love Math

Physics takes a back seat to mathematics when it comes to understanding the intricacies of a non-random universe. Granted that physics deal with the sub-atomic and atomic structures on its own; however it is mathematics that explains how those structures formulate.

Is there a physical reality outside of human existence? Absolutely, but only in mathematical terms, however/whenever/wherever our minds may interpret those mathematical formulations abstractly. The ultimate reality is that the universe isn’t just described by math but that reality is math, in the sense that we are all parts of an almost infinite mathematical object.

The universe as a mathematical object. Interesting. The theory is, the universe started with a bang, a BIG one. According to naturalists, it did not necessarily have an intelligence behind it. My question is, how could a process that led to an unbelievably huge mathematical construct not have intelligence behind it? Mathematics is the language of the universe, and what is language but the insightful expression of intent and purpose, thus intelligence.IMG_0745

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