Oh, the Nihilism of it all!

As a belief system Nihilism takes the cake for the utmost way of devaluing life in general and sentient life in particular. One nihilist wrote this on HubPages: “What difference does sentient life makes? We are irrelevant to the universe because it, like everything else had a beginning and will ultimately end. We are irrelevant to any of it. There is nothing special about life and sentience, In the grand scheme of bithe universe, if there ever is one, life and sentience cannot be made any smaller because they are already infinitesimally small . So yes, to the universe, you and I (and the rest of the billions of Homo Sapiens) are pretty useless.

It turns out that what undergirds these nihilistic thoughts is their idea that we, with our sentience, have not made any consequential intervention in the way the universe works. My answer to this is a question: How can we do the things that they are saying we should do, like overcoming nature here on earth and out-flanking the cosmological percolation of the universe up there, when we have barely scratched the surface of its anatomic structure? I’d say give us another thousand years or so on earth, and by then I think we would have scratched not only the surface but also have gone deep to unravel most of the perplexities of the universe. At some point in time, if earth do become uninhabitable, we will find another planet in our own galaxy which we can call our second home.IMG_0732

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