“Know your limitations” is an adage that we are not always attuned to. In almost every form of human endeavor, we see folks going way beyond their natural ability to perform. Talent is of course one of the keys to success, but experience remains its underlying principle.

Success, as another adage states, has many fathers but failure is an orphan. Failure almost always happens when we do not follow our inner voice that says: before we leap the Grand Canyon, before we cross the Rubicon, before we walk along the railway track, it is always a good idea to stop, look, and listen or we will fall into the abominable abyss, drown in the raging river, get run over by the speeding train.

The permutations of limitations are so innumerable, that despite talent and experience, our undertaking and the success or failure that goes with it, should properly be measured by the toll that it exacts not only on our physical well being but most importantly on our spiritual up keeping. Talent and experience yes, but between these two elements are our inner voices—-instinct and intuition, so tightly intertwined that there is just no way to tease these four elements apart without degrading one or all of them.2015-07-28 16.10.26

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