Moral Imperatives

It used to be that only once in a great while, one is shocked to learn that human behavior does not measure up to even the minimalist’s standard of moral acceptability. Now it seems the few remaining moral absolutes still standing are in danger of being toppled by the unrelenting mob of moral relativists and revisionists as evidenced by anti-authoritarianism, hyper-sexualism , hedonism, materialism, secularism, terrorism, out-of-control liberalism attached to anarchism and nihilism that now percolates in our current societal milieu.

These patterns of behavior have become common place, disrupting the communal fabric so that in the ensuing upheaval, the concept of personal accountability had been lost in some quarters and compromised in others. An idea one hoped was not irretrievably compromised is the verity of our innate worth and dignity.

Marcus Aurelius, ever the stoic, found dignity and worth in man’s attempts to cope with the most trying of life’s vicissitudes. On the other hand, Epicurus demanded that the active avoidance of these inequities be tempered by tranquility, prudence and justice. Stoicism and Epicureanism as moral or ethical guideposts have been severely diminished but not totally eliminated. The hope is, these philosophic tracts will reinvigorate our sense of moral compass and diverts us from a life of aimless pursuit of instant, and not too surprisingly, ephemeral gratification.

Arch of small stones made by Rita on Kadunce beach, Lake Superior, Minnesota.
Arch of small stones made by Rita on Kadunce beach, Lake Superior, Minnesota.

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