An atheist once said that gravity was the only entity present before and at the moment of the Big Bang. Theists on the other hand strongly believe that God was in fact there in the beginning, the initiator of all things that is in the universe. So the question arises: Can we conflate Gravity with God as one congruent entity.

For the above scenario to be given serious consideration by serious people, it should be plausible enough in the context of current philosophical thinking. For the conjecture to become a concept, it should be inferred in ways that it does not escape into the realm of the purely metaphysical. For the concept to be composed into reality, it should be meaningful, purposeful, and finally truthful to the human mind that initiated it to begin with.

This conjecture is one that could in fact travel the process of conceptualization to composition, without being degraded along the way. But effectuation? I seriously doubt it.

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