Superior Brain

With our superior brain as it is, could we apply the words exceptional and sensational to our species. Of course we could. When it comes to the evolutionary effects of natural selection, our cerebral capacity to perceive, imagine and intuit is unparalleled in nature because the ultimate result of those three mindful functions is our unhindered creativity. Simply put, it is our superior brain that separates us from the rest of earthly life. The anthropologist Maurice Bloch summarized it best when he wrote:

                 “The human brain systematically processes organized or structured units of information that combine and recombine to create models that sometimes explain the world we live in (perception), sometimes suggest imaginary alternatives (imagination), and sometimes give tools with which to operate in it (intuition).”

Civilization, and everything we perceived, imagined and intuited to enhance its progression is the ultimate expression of our ability to create. All throughout our history, we built civilizations, in all kinds of culture, that ever populated earth. Western civilization is now the world’s dominant cultural structure which, if it does not explode into multiple antagonistic ideologies, could lead us, with our mindful brain showing the way, to our ultimate destiny… that of being Homo Deus( god-like). Then and only then could we totally celebrate our cerebration.IMG_0045

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