The banality of Atheism

From my perspective , the most important thing is to understand that existence is not all material and physical; that in fact, based on our intuitive and imaginative predispositions, we can un-naively assume and surmise, and conclude that there is a spiritual element to our existence.

The concept of the spiritual and transcendental emanates from the observable fact that nature is non-sentient and as such could not have created us. So, what entity could have been involved in the creation process? Certainly not from the natural world.

Now the non-belief in that spiritual or transcendental world where a supernatural, intelligent, and creative entity resides. is what collapses atheism into an infantile inception, juvenile progression, and senile conclusion.

Infantile, because like an infant who constantly needs reassurance that someone (parents and other care takers) are taking care of him, so does the atheist who needs constant reassurance that someone (empiricists) are always reminding them of the importance of sticking to that physicalist/materialist view of existence.

Juvenile, because like the teen-ager( that I regularly see in my Pediatric practice) whose interpretation of inter-personal relationships is oppositional/defiant to the point of actual delinquency, an atheist would in no uncertain terms oppose and defy statements that are presented to them that argues for a non-material component to our existence.

Senile, because like an old man whose 5 physical senses have abandoned him, an atheist feels bewitched, bothered and bewildered that those 5 senses have fallen short of making his existence profoundly satisfying, thus ultimately disappointing.2015-07-25 13.34.33

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