The Interview

I’m not very good at being interviewed in any setting, but most specially in one where the lights are shining and the video camera is recording. A case in point… this particular interview held at the Javits Center during the Book Exposition of America when, as part of the marketing strategy for my first ever published book, (It’s All About Something), Author Centrix asked me to do a video interview which it would then post on you tube.

The interview was scheduled to be held in the quiet atmosphere of a hotel conference room but instead I decided to have it done inside the noisy atmosphere of the book exposition where a multitude of authors and publishers were trying to pique the interest of potential readers. A bad decision I’d say as evidenced by the attached non- professionally recorded interview on my cell phone. As you can hear, the noise was unrelenting. I’m just hoping that the techs at AuthorCentix would do a good job at muffling the noise so you could decide, when you do get to listen to it on you tube a few weeks from now, whether you listening to it is time well spent.

If you don’t get a full understanding of what I was saying in the interview, maybe you could just google or click on my website, where the book is introduced, excerpted, and professionally reviewed in great detail.

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