The assignation that you are one lucky, or unlucky, bastard comes from the assailable notion that you, to the extent that other operative forces allow you no time and space for action, or inaction, do  not have complete control over your life. In turn, this notion proceeds from the idea that Einstein himself once propounded when he said (paraphrasing): God does not play dice with the universe.

I will agree with what he is proposing if he applies it solely to the function of the known and (yet) unknown physical forces that rule the wider universe. I believe that one can not truly apply this “divine intervention theory” even in its strictest form to the human mind. Free will as it exist purposely in the realm of human interaction, can only be free, if the human brain that assuage its manifestation is not subjected to structural and functional anomalies that can wreak havoc on how it ultimately expresses free will.

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