Me at work… As they say time flies when one is having fun. I’ve been a Pediatrician since 1981 when I finished my 3 year pediatric residency at Martin Luther King Jr. County Hospital in Los Angeles. Since then it’s been fun all the way taking care of children and their medical problems. I would say that during all those years… and until now that I am close to retiring I have never been happier. Kids are fun to take care of specially if and when they give you their full trust and confidence. However during the past decade or so because of governmental intrusion into the medical profession, that enjoyment have diminished to the point that a lot of doctors are retiring prematurely. A pity. BTW, this video was taken 8 years ago… the first time that I was voted one of the top doctors here in Palm Springs. Every year since then I have been included in that list. So now that I will be retiring this year, at age 70… I think it’s just about right that I give thanks to the Lord for sustaining me through all those years. P.S. Kindly click on the https://g.cokgs/5PBTq9 below to view the video. This video is also available on my website,, of my just recently published book titled “It’s All About Something”


Alexander Villarasa Inc

1801 E Tahquitz Canyon Way #102, Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 327-5900

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